Gauselmann Group completes British Motorway move

In the United Kingdom and the region, Gauselmann Group, the German gaming giant, has announced that it has introduced its innovations to the 30 roadhouses run by Roadchef Motorways Limited.

The company, headquartered in Espelkamp, ​​used an official press release from European Gaming Media and Events to find out that this campaign took about six weeks and involved the placement of around 500 Category C and B3 machines in highway service areas (MSA). is managed by Roadchef Motorways Limited at locations such as Durham and Maidstone.

Assured beginnings:

Ryan Collinge, Business Development Director at Gauselmann, described the move as a “fantastic and positive start” for his company’s relationship with Roadchef, explaining that the program also included the provision of advanced customer monitoring and signage capabilities.

Read a statement from Collinge …

“We have made the decision to increase the density of the Category C digital offering, which has a direct and positive impact on the gaming experience. As part of the Gauselmann Group, thanks to the GeWeTe and Mars platforms, we were able to provide a complete and integrated solution that enabled the brand to deliver a complete ticket-in-ticket (TiTo) solution in an MSA estate for the first time , “

Compact footprint:

Collinge also took advantage of the press release to announce that his company had introduced the titles “Fishing Frenzy” and “Eye of Horus” on the MSA estate of Roadchef Motorways Limited as Category C and B3 games, the latter in the new Aurora Noir Cabinet was housed. He explained that this was an “absolutely necessary” step as his company could offer “the most powerful product” in areas that are typically much smaller than the typical high street entertainment centers in the UK.

Collinge continued…

“In terms of product mix, it’s not just about recreating what players find in a high street gaming center, as there are fewer machine positions and in most cases only four B3s.”

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